Press On

2020 has been a year we’d love to forget. Now the problem with challenging times is that they tend to stick around in our minds forever. Sometimes we can’t get past the hurts and hardships of our past so that if we are not careful, the past will contaminant our present and upend our future. Waters Church, it’s time to move forward. While the news and opinion prognosticators will give you reasons to shrivel up and shrink back, we believe God is calling you to GREATER DAYS AHEAD. We must remember, “better safe than sorry” is not in scripture. We are not the people who dwell on what might happen, we are the people who believe for the good things God can make happen. In every great story of the Bible, the night was darkest just before the dawn. We believe the best days of your life are ahead. We don’t want you to miss them. Let us help you learn the God-given principles that empower you to PRESS ON.