No matter who you are, there’s a group for you!


A Life Group is a like-minded group of people who meet once a week outside of the Weekend Experience of Waters Church.

We believe active participation in a Life Group is critical for your spiritual health as a part of the local church. These groups help create the community we seek in life’s journey. We believe that discipleship happens in relationships, and those relationships are formed in Life Groups.


Anyone and everyone. We know that there are so many different kinds of people, and that’s why we have so many different kinds of groups. You can find a group that best fits your location, age, and even interests. The best way to start meeting people at Waters Church is by joining a Life Group!

3 Types of Life Groups:


Small Groups meet in a host home weekly and are a safe place to build relationships. During a typical small group session you will be guided through life-application discussion about the message from the weekend.  There are other activities and fellowship opportunities in Small Groups; it’s all about DOING LIFE TOGETHER.


eFam groups are essentially Small Groups that meet online!  If you live far away from a Waters Church campus and you watch online regularly, then these groups are for you.  eFams meet using Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger video chat.  You will have the same discipleship experience as a Small Group!


Action Groups are small groups that get together weekly and have an agenda of helping the those in need through acts of service such as painting, moving, building, cleaning, etc.  If Small Groups aren’t your thing, but you love helping others using your God-given gifts, these are the groups for you!

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