The Baptism process at Waters Church has been designed to be both simple and meaningful. On the day of your baptism class, you will learn about the significance of Baptism as well as have the opportunity to record your testimony on video.


We believe that Baptism is a decision that should be made by an individual who can make the decision on their own. For babies and children under 10, we encourage you to participate in Child Dedications. Contact us if you have questions or if you would like to sign up to dedicate your child.


Baptisms take place during one of our weekend services and include a showing of your pre-recorded video followed by your baptism. All clothing, footwear, and towels will be provided for you on the day of your baptism.

Baptism is a symbolic act to publicly profess your salvation. Waters Church practices full-immersion baptism, symbolizing the process of death and resurrection that Jesus went through for us.


Baptism is meant to be a public profession and it is an incredible opportunity to share God’s message of redemption with thousands of people. One of the biggest ways that your baptism impacts others, is through your video testimony. We capture your testimony, and we play it right before your in-service baptism. The video allows you to share how you came to know Christ as your Savior and how he has been working in your life. We have witnessed the life-changing effect these videos have had on people’s lives.


Maybe you’re nervous about being on camera but rest assured, we work hard to make the process simple, easy and impactful. Your video will be filmed on the day of your Baptism class, which usually takes place two or three weeks before your in-service baptism. We want baptism to be a meaningful and enjoyable experience, and while the video is NOT mandatory, we encourage you to trust that God will use your story.