5 Lies of The Devil

The world is full of truth and lies. Sadly we seem to be losing our ability to tell the difference. Fake news has become a matter of things we prefer not to hear. The real news is hard to find at all. Where are the facts? Who’s to tell? In our personal lives, the same is true. What is really good for me? What decision should I make? If we are unaware of our real enemy satan, we will suffer and struggle as a result of his misinformation campaign. This series is going to focus on the enemy’s lies as enumerated in the Scripture. God did not keep Satan out of the Bible. He inspired His writers to include portions that described his activity so that we might understand our enemy, reject his plan for our lives and find the fulness of God’s Word realized in and through us. Join us for all 5 weeks of the “Top 5 Lies of the Devil.”