Humility: God’s Secret to Greatness

Culture saturates us with images of greatness. The multi-million-follower social media star, the runway model, the blockbuster A-list film lead, the 3-point aficionado who wins the championship with seeming ease. Greatness has become synonymous with the illusion of the elite. For our world, only a few can be truly great and worthy of acclaim. For the kingdom, there’s an entirely different measure laid out in scripture and in the words of Jesus. Greatness is found in the place you don’t view through a TV screen or hear from a Spotify account. Greatness is found in the place where Jesus met us, the place of humility and service. If you want to be great, this series is for you. If you are overwhelmed by your own insecurities in a world that idolizes celebrity, this series is for you. If you want your life to mean something that lasts longer than you, this series is for you. Join us for three weeks as we unpack “God’s Secret to Greatness.”