Glow Up

The Church is Jesus’ joy. He died for her. He prays for her, cares for her and loves her. We are that Church. So much of our culture is consumed with individual identity and self-actualization. We want so much to make something of ourselves. But is it making us happy? Is personal identity really the goal of God for humanity? There is a better way. It is the heartbeat of Christ’s prayer for YOU in John 17. Jesus prayed for you to become what you were made to be. Forget personal goals and selfish ambitions. There is something far better. A world trapped in increasing loneliness needs see the ultimate result of the Gospel: One Church – a united, loving and strong family of faith where every person matters and every one counts. In the Church we find who we are. And the best part is, Jesus is already making it happen. It’s time for the Church to “glow up.” (Google the term if you’re over 30).