Don’t Call it a Comeback

One thing is for sure, we are in a time of transition. The worst part is we do not know when it will end. We have hope for a brighter future but this time has put serious doubts in our minds. Is God there? Does He care? Will we get through this? What is happening? Why are we going through this?

Times like these are called “the wilderness” in the Bible. The wilderness is one of God’s favorite places for His people. Why? Because in the wilderness He trains us and teaches us. He shows us His faithfulness and He causes us to look ONLY to Him. The only question for you in the time of the wilderness is this: Will you let God be the Lord of your life? Will you surrender your cares to Him and trust Him?

It’s time to look at this season of waiting for what it is in scripture – a time of preparation. God doesn’t bring us BACK because our past is over and forgiven. God brings us forward. We start a new series: “Don’t Call it a Comeback” because we believe as we follow Him through the wilderness, we will be better than ever and ready for the next level of life He has planned.