Come Let Us Adore Him

The scriptures continually invite us to worship the Lord. But why? Have you ever wondered? What is it about worship that makes it so important to our lives? Remember, God never asks us to do something that is not ultimately good for us. When you think of it, we are natural worshippers. Rejoicing and celebrating constantly. Some celebrate food, others family. Some rejoice over financial gain, others rejoice in possessions, still others in their accomplishment or the accomplishment of their favorite team.

The question is not “are we worshippers?” That has been settled for ages. The question is “What do we worship?” And is that object or person WORTHY of our highest praise? If God invites us to worship Him, we do well to pay attention and join the heavenly song that never stops. In our annual frantic season of gift-getting and party-going, let’s do something better: Come, let us adore Him.