Redemption’s Story

Everyone has a backstory. The events that made us who we are and what we believe play out in our personality, likes, preferences and future in ways we often do not realize.  Christians have a back story too.  It’s a story that happened thousands of years ago on a night around this time of year to slaves under the oppression of a self-absorbed dictator.  On that night, a lamb was to be killed and shared together as one final plague came over the land of Egypt.  Before the night was over, thousands of slaves were suddenly free and a new nation was born.  What do these strange sounding events have to do with Easter?  They are the back story to God’s ultimate story for all who believe!  They shape who you are and how you see yourself in this world.  They remind us of God’s protective care, unlimited power, and inevitable victory over evil and injustice. Most importantly, they point us to the Cross.  Come and join us for “Redemption’s Story.”